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Alderwood Endodontics

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Patient Review By Ranee P

Wow - what a great office. This was quite the set up, so upscale from the last root canal I had done several years ago. Top of the line equipment, very very friendly and helpful personnel and a top notch dentist. He had to spend extra time to find the 'calcified' canals. Can't ask for much more.

- Ranee P

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Patient Review By Lance A


- Lance A

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Patient Review By Rizalina P

Top notch service. Thank You

- Rizalina P

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Patient Review By Chanthou S

No pain during the procedure except a shot of numbness on my gum. Dr. Wu was so responsible and called to check on me. Overall, I recommend to other who need root canal treatment.

- Chanthou S

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Patient Review By shelly g

Im a big fat chicken in the dental chair, which is a bit embarrassing at age 50. The dental tech was very informative, honest and made me feel very comfortable. I even tried to reschedule my visit at first. After my consultation with Dr. Bogart I felt a confidence that it would turn out okay. I have a difficult time getting numb- that's way I was referred here . He promised I wouldn't feel a thing- and I didn't. I enjoyed that that he was kind, pleasant and was actually personal. I find that is difficult to find in healthcare today. When I was home after my procedure I did have some post operative pain. I called the clinic and the doctor had already left for the day. But he did call me at home and instructed me further so I could get the maximum level of pain control. That is very important to me!

- shelly g

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Patient Review By Miles P

I would recommend Alderwood Endodontics to anyone. My root canal was painless, well done, and they were finished in under a hour and a half. All staff, assistants, and doctors were very kind and welcoming. Scheduling my appointments was simple and any question I had was taken seriously and respectfully answered. Everyone there is very professional.

- Miles P

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Patient Review By diane S

Dr Wu and the entire staff were exceptional from the very beginning. They were concerned,calm,reassuring, and very supportive . Dr. Wu explained everything as she proceeded with the treatment. I had to return for a 2nd treatment that was difficult but my trust in her confidence was never at a doubt. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone who needs her assistance.

- diane S

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Patient Review By Dennis C

At first, I thought my root canal tooth operation would be a very unpleasant and painful experience............To my surprise, my appointment was actually very non-eventful and surprising not as painful as originally thought. I thank the enitre Alderwood Endodontics from the front desk receptionist to Dr. B himself, for making my visit a pleasant one. Kudos to you all. Regards, Dennis C.

- Dennis C

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Patient Review By Gail M

They got me in in one hour and did a root canal!! Who does that? Exceptional!!!!!

- Gail M

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