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Alderwood Endodontics

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Patient Review By Grace T

Dr. Wu was very kind, knowledgeable, and friendly. She explained her procedures every step of the way and she made sure that you felt comfortable and informed through the whole process. Thank you for the excellent care!

- Grace T

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Patient Review By Viktoriya U

Everything was perfect

- Viktoriya U

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Patient Review By Tracy H

I had a dental emergency and was referred to Alderwood Endodontics by my regular dentist and was so appreciative that they were able to get me in quickly given the level of pain I was experiencing. Dr. Bogaert provided an exceptional explanation of the images of the involved tooth and roots. The procedure went smoothly and I appreciated receiving a follow up call to check on my status. Best of all, I was doing so much better even later the same day of the procedure.

- Tracy H

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Patient Review By Vicki A

My dentist found I needed a root canal. They called while I sat in the chair and got me in immediately! I was walked there from Dr. Robinsons and welcomed by all. The doctor and her assistant were so caring and explained to me what they would be doing. They were kind, they were gentle. There was no pain and no need to worry. I am so thankful and would highly recommend!

- Vicki A

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Patient Review By Erin D

Would have liked a little more desciption of the procedure as it was going along. Overall painless procedure, the nitrous gas helped a lot with anxiety.

- Erin D

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Patient Review By Nancy H

This was my first root canal. It ended up being a three visit process over a year + because of Covid shut downs and my procrastination. I never had any real pain. At the end of the appointment today Dr B explained everything in detail. I might have appreciated a little more explanation through the process, since I have never experienced this before. Sometimes I felt he was not happy with his assistant, but I felt comfortable with the job she did. It was a good experience overall.

- Nancy H

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Patient Review By Ranee P

Wow - what a great office. This was quite the set up, so upscale from the last root canal I had done several years ago. Top of the line equipment, very very friendly and helpful personnel and a top notch dentist. He had to spend extra time to find the 'calcified' canals. Can't ask for much more.

- Ranee P

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Patient Review By Lance A


- Lance A

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Patient Review By Rizalina P

Top notch service. Thank You

- Rizalina P

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Patient Review By Chanthou S

No pain during the procedure except a shot of numbness on my gum. Dr. Wu was so responsible and called to check on me. Overall, I recommend to other who need root canal treatment.

- Chanthou S

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Patient Review By shelly g

Im a big fat chicken in the dental chair, which is a bit embarrassing at age 50. The dental tech was very informative, honest and made me feel very comfortable. I even tried to reschedule my visit at first. After my consultation with Dr. Bogart I felt a confidence that it would turn out okay. I have a difficult time getting numb- that's way I was referred here . He promised I wouldn't feel a thing- and I didn't. I enjoyed that that he was kind, pleasant and was actually personal. I find that is difficult to find in healthcare today. When I was home after my procedure I did have some post operative pain. I called the clinic and the doctor had already left for the day. But he did call me at home and instructed me further so I could get the maximum level of pain control. That is very important to me!

- shelly g

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Patient Review By Miles P

I would recommend Alderwood Endodontics to anyone. My root canal was painless, well done, and they were finished in under a hour and a half. All staff, assistants, and doctors were very kind and welcoming. Scheduling my appointments was simple and any question I had was taken seriously and respectfully answered. Everyone there is very professional.

- Miles P

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Patient Review By diane S

Dr Wu and the entire staff were exceptional from the very beginning. They were concerned,calm,reassuring, and very supportive . Dr. Wu explained everything as she proceeded with the treatment. I had to return for a 2nd treatment that was difficult but my trust in her confidence was never at a doubt. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone who needs her assistance.

- diane S

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Patient Review By Dennis C

At first, I thought my root canal tooth operation would be a very unpleasant and painful experience............To my surprise, my appointment was actually very non-eventful and surprising not as painful as originally thought. I thank the enitre Alderwood Endodontics from the front desk receptionist to Dr. B himself, for making my visit a pleasant one. Kudos to you all. Regards, Dennis C.

- Dennis C

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Patient Review By Gail M

They got me in in one hour and did a root canal!! Who does that? Exceptional!!!!!

- Gail M

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